Situated on the shores of the beautiful Lake Rotorua, this magnificent city was established in the 1830’s. Today, Rotorua is on the tourist route for almost every visitor to New Zealand.

Must See Must Do
At just an hour’s drive from Capri on Pilot Bay - your Mount Maunganui accommodation - a trip to Rotorua is a must if you have the time, offering an intriguing mix of action activities, natural beauty, historical significance and geographical fascinations.

Rotorua offers a unique insight into Maori traditions, past ways of life and the renaissance of the Maori culture as it exists today in New Zealand.

Maori Culture
There are villages and marae that welcome visitors, allowing them to experience the traditional Maori welcome (powhiri), savour the fantastic flavours of a genuine hangi (cooked in an earth oven) and be entertained by the passion and power of Maori song and dance.

Hard to miss, Rotorua’s geo-thermal activity surrounds the city with a distinct sulphuric smell and its various attractions provide easy access to bubbling mud and gushing geysers amidst stunning lake and forest landscapes.

Visiting some of the fabulous natural attractions in the area like Waimangu Volcanic Valley, the Pohutu geyser, and the Buried Village of Te Wairoa will leave you with an everlasting impression.
Feel the spirit!

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